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On 15 April 2015 the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is organizing a hearing on "The European Offshore Industry".

This hearing is designed to give input to our upcoming opinion on the same subject ("Prospects for long-term smart, sustainable development of European offshore industry and its relations with the EU's maritime sectors").


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The round-table series 2015 was organized by the EESC’s Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) in partnership with relevant European and national organizations: Euromines, Euracoal, IndustriAll Europe, the European Commission and numerous national high level partners from academia, geological surveys, NGOs and civil society.

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Position paper

Transition to a circular economy is a must if we are to protect our planet, but also if we are to increase the competitiveness of European industry. This is a long-term process that will require numerous initiatives at European, national and regional level. Companies see the circular economy as an opportunity. "Going green" is beneficial not only for the environment, but also for businesses, providing real savings in terms of raw materials, water and energy.