Biodiversity: artists take action

A new generation of artists are placing biodiversity and nature at the heart of their artistic practice. For this new generation of artists, ecology is much more than a theme in their work, it expresses their relationship to the world. Looking at eco-feminism, post-anthropocentrism and interspecies relations, they are playing their role as members of the avant-garde to the full, optimistically setting in motion a future where cooperation will prevail over competition. Going far above and beyond the environmental issues that concern them, the artists bring new, more convivial ways of thinking and being to the world. 

In this online exhibition, five emblematic artists have been selected by the French delegation to the European Economic and Social Committee, in recognition of their work in bringing these topics into the limelight and into public discourse.

These five artists were selected from among the 21 laureates of the Planète Art Solidaire prize, awarded in 2021 by the non-profit organisation Art of Change 21, with the support of Maison Ruinart. These 21 laureates, all under 40 years old, living in France and committed to the environment, were chosen from among the 257 applicants by a prestigious jury, whose members included Emanuele Coccia (philosopher), Emma Lavigne (president of the Pinault Collection), Pauline Lisowski (art critic), Emmanuel Tibloux (director of EnsAD).

This 100% virtual exhibition features a piece of work by each artist accompanied by an explanation from the artist, as well as a short video in which each artist talks about their work.

One of the three priorities of the EESC's NAT Section is "Restoring and preserving natural capital - Healthy planet for healthy people". The European Green Deal and its zero pollution objective provide an opportunity for the EU to reaffirm its previous environmental commitments, while ensuring wellbeing for all and staying within the planetary boundaries. However, the European Green Deal will only be successful  through the active engagement of all stakeholders at all levels of governance, to ensure that EU climate and environment laws are effectively implemented. Follow our work!

This online cultural initiative will run from 20 May to 20 June, in conjunction with the French Presidency of the Council of the EU.

This exhibition is curated by Alice Audouin, founder and president of Art of Change 21, and Stefano Vendramin, the Art of Change 21 project leader, working together with representatives of the French delegation of the European Economic and Social Committee.