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Teaching Europe – developing a toolkit for schools (own-initiative opinion)

Information memo: Teaching Europe – developing a toolkit for schools (own-initiative opinion)

The future of Europe and of the EU will be shaped and developed by our young people – by the students sitting in classrooms today.  The foundations of their perceptions of and attitudes towards developments in Europe and the EU, and of their according them value or rejecting them, are already being laid in class and during discussions at school. The aim of a "Teaching Europe" initiative would be to put more emphasis on Europe and the EU in teaching in schools, and to highlight the EU's main achievements and its future challenges.  The way the history of the EU Member States is taught should also be taken into consideration. As an idea, easy-to-use teaching materials could be developed, which would explain, among other issues, the role played by the EESC, civil society and the social partners.

Practical information

Composition of the study group & calendar

Administrator in charge: Sabrina Borg  / Assistant: Maria Månsson

Foreseen for the section meeting on 08.07.2019 and for the plenary session on 17-18.07.2019.