Workers’ group - Our priorities for social progress

Our priorities for social progress


Our goal for the next years is to push for social progress. We want to forge a future that is not only social and sustainable but also upholds the principles of the rule of law, human rights, gender equality, intergenerational solidarity, and diversity.


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Social challengesSocial Challenges

Although the European model is an example for much of the world, there are still too many people suffering hardship or excluded from society because of poverty, discrimination, lack of education, or other disadvantages. We will continue to push for a fairer future for Europe.This includes, social dialogue, collective bargaining, protecting the rule of law and fundamental rights. 

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testEconomic Challenges

It is vital to reshape the EU economic governance, the 
European Semester, the Multiannual Financial Framework 
(MFF) and EU own resources to ensure that social justice 
goes hand-in-hand with economic competitiveness and 
that people’s well-being is the objective of economic 
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Environmental challengeEnvironmental Challenges

The green transition, decarbonisation and the circular economy, along with digitalisation, are all having an impact on the world of work in terms of changing the nature of jobs and tasks, and creating new occupations, while eliminating others. These transitions are interlinked and mutually reinforcing.

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Digital transitionDigital Transition

The digital landscape is rapidly reshaping the foundations of work, compelling us to confront critical questions about the future of labor in an increasingly digital and automated world. Within this paradigm, European workers emerge as central actors in shaping the trajectory of the digital transition.

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We witness massive migration flows due to the catastrophic economic, social, and political situation in many countries, something that is not likely to improve in the future. This leads to the massive arrival of migrants to certain EU Border countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain, where the pressure on resources is high and the standards at the reception facilities low.

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​Rule of Law and Fundamental Right​Rule of Law and Fundamental Right

Democracy rests not just on the will of the majority, but also on the respect for minorities and for political differences, and on the fact that everyone is subject to the rule of law and protected by fundamental Rights.

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Global Agenda based on Solidarity, Equality, and InclusionGlobal Agenda

The crises seen in recent years have provided a mixed image of Europe: while the reaction to the pandemic, despite its first steps, was largely a common effort (in issues like buying doses of the vaccines) and the EU has kept a unified front in Ukraine, the current war in Gaza has again divided completely the EU external policy.
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Better policymaking an strategic foresightBetter Policymaking and Strategic Foresight

The objective of strategic foresight is to anticipate. It aims to identify multiple plausible scenarios for the future, to prepare for them and thus to design a future as close as possible to the individual and collective expectations of citizens.

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