Revision of textile labelling Regulation

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EESC opinion on the Revision of textile labelling Regulation - Exploratory opinion at the request of the European Commission


The EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles announced the review of the Textile Labelling Regulation. As part of this review, the Strategy mentions the possibility to introduce mandatory disclosure of types of information other than those already included in the current Regulation, such as sustainability and circularity parameters, products’ size and, where applicable, the country where manufacturing processes take place (‘made in’). The opinion will explore the different options to expand the scope of the Textile Labelling Regulation, including parameters on sustainability and circularity in coherence with current legislative proposals linked to traceability. The opinion will take account of the industrial perspective, including costs and improved exchange of information along the value chain, and the consumer perspective, in order to ensure correct, accurate and clear information.

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