Revision of textile labelling Regulation

EESC opinion: Revision of textile labelling Regulation

EESC opinion on the Revision of textile labelling Regulation - Exploratory opinion at the request of the European Commission

Key points


  • supports the European Commission's approach of mainly taking as the point of departure for the revision of the Textile Labelling Regulation (TLR) the possibility of new digital labelling technologies, new recycling technologies, new fibre technologies and their classification;
  • considers that the revision of the TLR has to satisfy the different degrees of consumers' expectations by offering basic and easily understandable information in the first place, while at the same time giving further access to more detailed information;
  • believes that it is of the utmost importance that the European Commission strive for an EU-wide and global alignment of labelling requirements with regard to indications of origin, care instructions, size and fibre composition;
  • calls upon the European Commission to bear in mind the special needs of SMEs and prevent further offshoring by establishing labelling requirements able to provide enough flexibility to address SMEs' capacities.

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