Public procurement rules in connection with the current asylum crisis (communication)

EESC opinion: Public procurement rules in connection with the current asylum crisis (communication)

Key points:


In view of the current climate in which contracting authorities are under intense pressure to solve urgent problems arising from the refugee and asylum crisis, the EESC welcomes the Commission's explanatory communication.

At the same time, the EESC stresses that it is important:

  • to ensure transparency;
  • to refrain from making inappropriate use of legislative flexibility in this area;
  • to opt for solutions that facilitate subsequent integration and additional support; and
  • to ensure that contracts awarded in an emergency are of short duration.

The Committee also acknowledges the crucial role played by the non-profit sector and that red tape needs to be cut to avoid lengthy procurement procedures.

In addition, it recommends that, in the light of new and growing threats, contracting authorities should consider using a separate procurement procedure for security and insurance. Refugees who chose not to seek asylum on arrival, need to be considered too, as they are also in urgent need of health and other care and protection.

The EESC requests and recommends that the Commission also clarify in this communication the question of public procurement in connection with the present refugee crisis, or else issue an additional communication on public procurement in response to the refugee crisis.


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