The cost of non-Europe - the benefits of the single market

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Avizul CESE: The cost of non-Europe - the benefits of the single market

EESC opinion on the 2022 Strategic Foresight Report - COM(2022) 289 final

Key points 


  • believes that the single market is about improving welfare through social and economic convergence aimed at reducing inequalities and ensuring that worsening social imbalances do not end up becoming serious obstacles to European integration;
  • is of the view that national legal texts potentially hindering the internal market must be notified to the European Commission and must be commented upon and evaluated;
  • calls for an effective implementation and enforcement of directives already negotiated and voted upon, such as the Better Regulation package;
  • believes that the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act are a crucial step in achieving a level playing field across operators in digital markets;
  • recommends a coordinated approach between Member States on the marketing of products affected by the crisis in Ukraine;
  • notes that the EU still has 27 capital and financial markets which do not work as one, thereby limiting the single market’s potential;
  • is of the view that "open strategic autonomy" should be adopted, especially in key sectors. 

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