The right to a healthy environment in the EU, especially in the context of the war in Ukraine

09:30 | Opening

Opening remarks by:

09:40 | Introductory remarks

09:55 | Speaker from Ukrainian civil society


10:15 | Session 1: Advancing the EU's approach to ensuring a healthy environment as a fundamental human right

  • Davor Percan, Head of Unit, Regional & Bilateral Environmental Cooperation, DG Environment, European Commission 
  • Natalia Kobylarz, Senior Lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights / Environmental Law Specialist
  • Catherine Ganzleben, Head of Group on Air Pollution, Environment and Health, EEA


11:30 | Coffee break

11:45 | Session 2: Civil society recommendations on improving a clean, healthy and sustainable environment for all


13:00 | End of the event