Copyright in the music sector

EESC opinion: Copyright in the music sector

Key points:

This opinion addresses five main points:

- defining and identifying the rights and obligations in the music industry arising from the buying or selling of copyright and related rights;
- remuneration, in particular remuneration for use by third parties (consumers) of copyright or related rights;
- the meaning of public performance;
- the penalties that should be imposed on users for illegal use of this right;
- the structure and functioning of the collecting agencies or societies representing copyright-holders.

The EESC recommends that a single legislative framework be established for: a) granting licences for the representation of copyright holders, b) framing agreements on the exploitation of authors' copyright, and c) the use of mediation in the event of differences or disagreements. This could help both users of content and consumers, authors and other copyright holders to resolve disputes concerning the use of a work. It requires the establishment at national level of a single arbitration body for resolving disputes between copyright holders and users of content. This body would also be responsible for monitoring transparency regarding the full payment to copyright holders of payments collected by the collecting societies; in the event that this does not occur, safeguards would be set under European law.

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