Europe Day 2021

Europe Day on 9 May commemorates the date of the Schuman Declaration, which was the starting point for today’s European Union. It is a chance to reflect on what solidarity has built and what we hope to achieve in the future.

It is also a chance to make EU citizens feel even more strongly that they are part of something bigger, as expressed in the Europe Day interinstitutional theme of "togetherness".

The EESC traditionally celebrates Europe Day by opening its doors to the public. This year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, citizens from across Europe and the world were invited to discover the House of Civil Society in a safe and virtual way. 

You took part of Europe Day and…

1. Discovered what the EESC does for you, through a 3D 360-degree virtual visit of the EESC: found out who we are, what we do, and learned about the added value of the EESC and its members.

2. Discovered what EESC members do back home, through stories from our members' organisations working in the field and saw what EESC members are doing in their local areas to help the EU recover from the crisis.  

3. Visited our Culture Corner and discovered the EESC's various virtual exhibitions in an interactive and attractive way.

4. Took part in our many live activities: Europe Day is first and foremost a celebration of peace and unity in Europe. Many games and fun activities took place online, including virtual visits of the EESC, a webinar on Participatory Democracy involving EESC members, a digital photo booth and a picture competition.