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Implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights: what is needed to guarantee a positive social impact

This study on behalf of the Workers’ Group of the European Economic and Social Committee aims to analyse early initiatives launched in the context of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) and to provide the EESC with concrete policy recommendations to ensure its effective implementation.

Four key findings stand out. First, the Pillar has, within a very short time span, relaunched an ambitious EU ‘Social Agenda’ which has the potential to create new rights for citizens. Second, the Pillar is already strongly influencing the substantive messages of the 2018 cycle of the European Semester. Third, the Social Scoreboard is a step forward but needs further refinement. Fourth, national trade unions seem aware of the Pillar and are generally happy with its content but highly doubtful that they will be involved in its implementation.

To ensure effective implementation of the Pillar, we recommend that it be given adequate financial resources and clearly defined governance tools through an ambitious but realistic roadmap. The EESC should play an important role in monitoring the implementation of the Pillar at EU and national levels and should act as a hub to gather and synthesise national trade unions’ and civil society’s proposals for effective implementation.

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