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Elfogadott vélemények on 19/09/2018

The majority of road accidents are down to human error alone, so a comprehensive approach to road safety is needed. It should cover driver behaviour, the working conditions and skills of professional drivers, and infrastructure.

EGSZB-vélemény: Vehicle safety / protection of vulnerable road users

Elfogadott vélemények on 16/12/2004
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Dec 15, 2004 Dec 16, 2004
Elfogadott vélemények on 17/10/2018

The EESC strongly rejects the Commission's proposal to cut the EU's budget by 10% in real terms and urges the Member States (MS) to find solutions that allow this budget to be kept at the same level as the 2014-2020 programming period.

EGSZB-vélemény: Common Provisions Regulation 2021-2027


Mr van Iersel, President of the ECO Section and Mr Haken, vice-president of the ECO Section, represented the EESC at the Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for urban policy which took place on 30 May 2016 in Amsterdam. After decades of working together towards a common European urban project, it is within this context that the 28 Ministers, along with representatives from other EU Institutions, cities and urban authorities agreed on the "Pact of Amsterdam" which sets out the principles of the EU Urban Agenda.