The path to our industrial future

Between June 2021 and March 2022 the European Economic and Social Committee organised a series of events on the updated new industrial strategy, announced by the European Commission on 5 May 2021. The main objective of these events was to hear the view of civil society organisations on the future of European industry. Each event focused on a specific aspect of the strategy, from the role of critical raw materials to industry's role to achieve the Green Deal, from Europe's competitiveness on the global stage to a truly Just Transition and public & private investments.

5 May 2021      Release of the Communication "Updating the new industrial strategy for Europe" (COM(2021) 350 final)

7 June 2021       Public hearing in the framework of the 1st meeting of the study group INT/935 Updating the new industrial strategy for Europe

14 June 2021     Webinar "AI in tackling Covid-19 crisis: opportunities and challenges & European Digital Innovation Hubs: boosting adoption of digital technologies in EU businesses" (Digital transition and single market observatory - DSMO)

17 June 2021     Consultative Commission on Industrial Change(CCMI) meeting: "Debate on the Updated industrial strategy: towards a more resilient and strategically autonomous EU industry?"

13 July 2021      Webinar "The role of Critical Raw Materials to form a strong industrial base"

15 Sept. 2021    Webinar "The EU's Industrial strategy – which indicators to track its progress?"

18 Oct. 2021      Webinar "Channelling financial resources into investments that comply with environmental, social and governance criteria"

26 Nov. 2021     Webinar "A Just Transition for workers of European industries: fostering opportunities for reskilling and upskilling"

10 Dec. 2021     Webinar "Aligning the food industry with the EU Green Deal's climate neutrality objectives and SDGs"

28 Jan. 2022     Webinar "Clean energy sources for the transition to a carbon-neutral economy"

21 Feb. 2022     Webinar "Sustainable supply chains and the case of reshoring"

4 March 2022       Closing conference "A sustainable future for European industry"

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