Social Entrepreneurship

The Strasbourg Declaration called on the EESC to implement the actions suggested during the event Social Entrepreneurs: Have your say! (Strasbourg, 16-17 January 2014).

Through the instrument of an EESC project that covered a period of 19 months (February 2014-September 2015), a group of 9 members worked in close cooperation with representatives of the sector on the implementation of the Strasbourg Declaration.

As a result of this process, the EESC elaborated some recommendations for action for the Juncker Commission and for the other institutions. The below recommendations are accompanied by 10 appendices presenting, among others, a number of actions that were taken in the framework of the project.

In October 2014, the mandate of the group working on the EESC project was renewed for a one year second phase, until September 2015. The objectives of the second phase of the project were to identify the missing measures to achieve a favorable ecosystem for social enterprises and to fully unleash the potential of the sector. The results of the project's second phase are summarized in an activity report presented below.


EESC recommendations on Social Enterprise
Appendices to the recommendations
Activity report