Diversity management in the EU Member States (Exploratory opinion at the request of the German presidency)

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This opinion, requested by the German Presidency of the Council, makes the following main recommendations:

  • data collection and monitoring of diversity policies in the labour market must be improved at all levels;
  • the principles of diversity management must be integrated into EU rules and generalised;
  • more funds should be allocated to diversity management, in order to support the work of civil society organisations working with racialized groups and the diversity policies put in place by the social partners;
  • to tackle the underutilisation of migrants' skills and increase their participation in the labour market, these need to be further recognised. In addition, migrants should benefit from free and universal training, including language courses;
  • migrants should be active, not only in the labour market, but also in politics;
  • finally, the EU institutions, including the EESC, should lead by example by increasing the number of members and staff from ethnic minorities.

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Foreseen for the plenary session on 27-29.10.2020.