CO2 emissions – passenger cars and commercial vehicles (2012)

EESC opinion: CO2 emissions – passenger cars and commercial vehicles (2012)

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The EESC reflects in the opinion its view on two Commission proposals: COM(2012) 393 final - 2012/0190 (COD) and COM(2012) 394 final - 2012/0191 (COD)


Key points:


  • Supports all Commission (EC) initiatives related to cutting CO2 emissions, in pursuit of the goal of a carbon-free Europe by 2050.
  • Calls for the quick adoption of the regulations, taking into account its suggestions.
  • Recommends reviewing the targets by 2017, in the light of developments in technology, projected market trends and the need to combat GHG emissions.
  • Recommends devising a model for calculating CO2 that factors in all emissions deriving from car manufacturing. The carbon footprint should be taken into account with regard to the entire lifecycle of vehicles.
  • Calls on the EC to give further consideration to the proposed linear function (i.e. the % slope), bearing in mind that opting for a 60% slope entails a 4.6g surplus of CO2 for passenger cars. The nearer the percentage is to 100, the more this favours heavy vehicles.
  • Recommends adopting a labelling system for the technical characteristics of the emissions of each individual vehicle model.

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