Standard VAT declaration

EESC opinion: Standard VAT declaration

Key points:

The EESC welcomes the introduction of a standard VAT return.  It could when effectively implemented

  • cut red tape for companies in the EU;
  • better capitalise on the potential of the single market;
  • improve the efficacy of tax collection and the fight against tax fraud.

The EESC supports maximum standardisation of the manner and form of submitting a standard VAT return.

Some aspects must be communicated more clearly, especially the possibility for Member States to collect interim VAT payments.

The EESC endorses the "once only" principle, which would ensure that businesses supply certain information to national authorities only once.

The EESC recommends making tax due only after the invoice has been paid by the purchaser.

The EESC thinks it absolutely essential that the Commission also embark upon effective standardisation of timeframes and deadlines.