The EU-Chile Joint Consultative Committee

The EU's relations with Chile are among the closest in the region. The Association Agreement signed in 2002 marks one of the longest running associations and its forthcoming update will likely strengthen ties. The EESC has had fluid contact with Chilean civil society over the years, primarily through biennial EU Latin America Organised Civil Society meetings.

Since October 2016, this relationship has taken the form of a Joint Consultative Committee, marking closer, more structured dialogue between civil society in both regions and with their respective political authorities. The Joint Consultative Committee has been set up between the EESC and civil society partners and organisations from Chile. It is composed of members from each side, representatives from employers' organisations, workers' organisations and other interests groups. The JCC meets once a year to debate and allows civil society organisations from both sides to debate topics of common interest and to follow up the modernisation of the Association Agreement.


Letter of the Chilean part of the JCC on Ukraine