Farmers' Category

The Farmers Category currently has members drawn from the Civil Society Organisations' Group and from the Employers' Group. Its members are representatives of the agriculture, agri-food and forestry sectors.

Its main aims are to engage in a wide-ranging, open debate on the positions and policy lines adopted by the primary industries in the EU. Many of this category’s members are representatives of farmer and forest-owner organisations. They seek to provide and share up-to-date information on their specialised sectors in their home countries, as well as highlight and explore the different conditions that exist within them.

The category also aims to establish positions on key EU agricultural and rural policy objectives, particularly in the context of Common Agricultural Policy reforms. While setting great store by cooperation between sector organisations within the Committee itself and seeking to increase cooperation between the Committee’s groups, the category also believes that it is important to strengthen coordination with EU-level organisations and other EU institutions.

The category secretariat is provided by the Civil Society Organisations' Group.