Employers' Group

We make the voice of business heard at European level.

The Employers' Group (Group I) brings together over 100 entrepreneurs and representatives of business associations from every EU Member State representing more than 20 million European companies – big and small and working in a vast array of business sectors, from industry to retail and from agriculture to services. Our members are active in the business world and bring the day-to-day reality of business in all EU Member States to the European level. They are genuinely committed to putting their own experience to good use to further the European project.

The Employers' Group's work is framed by priorities reflecting the key needs of European businesses. In order to match the dynamics in which European businesses operate, these priorities are reviewed regularly.

Our current priorities are focused on creating competitive, resilient and thriving businesses that are able and empowered to contribute to the common good and generate economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development, both domestically and globally. These are:

  • competitive access to resources;
  • open markets with equal rules; and
  • business friendly regulation and taxation.

Together, the members of the Employers' Group have consistently advocated a more strategic approach to competitiveness, proposing in 2022 the idea of a competitiveness check in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Its vision is an overarching competitiveness agenda for Europe. We work closely with Europe's six leading business organisations: BusinessEurope, Copa-Cogeca, EUROCHAMBRES, EuroCommerce, SGI Europe and SMEunited. They are important allies in exchanging expertise and making our voice heard. Furthermore, we cooperate frequently with many other institutions and business organisations at national and European level.