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In elaborazione (updated on 11/07/2022)

The EU is acting on its space ambitions by addressing two pressing issues: space-based secure connectivity and Space Traffic Management. Space technology is essential to facilitating our daily lives and contributing to a more digital, green and resilient future for our planet.

The EU's Space Programme already provides valuable data and services for a wide array of daily applications, in support of transport, agriculture, crisis response or the fight against climate change, among many others.

However, the EU’s space policy needs to constantly evolve and adapt to new challenges to continue enjoying the benefits space brings to our citizens. These new proposals will help safeguard the efficiency and security of our current assets, while developing cutting-edge space technology to strengthen the European space power.

Parere della sezione del CESE: Space-based secure connectivity and new space: a European industrial path towards sovereignty and innovation

In elaborazione (updated on 07/07/2022)
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Oct 26, 2022 Oct 27, 2022

The objective of the own-initiative opinion is to provide EESC's input into the discussions and future actions in regard to emergency preparedness, especially focusing on the impact on businesses.

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Sep 21, 2022 Sep 22, 2022

This opinion will assess the chances and challenges that SMEs face due to the green transition and will call the EU and the Member States to provide them with a favourable business environment, proper funding and support measures.

Parere della sezione del CESE: SMEs, social economy enterprises, crafts and liberal professions Fit for 55