Civil Society Against COVID-19

This website is dedicated to the work the EESC, its members and the civil society organisations it represents have been doing to get through the crisis and prepare for the future.

In our hospitals, our countries, our cities and rural areas, men and women, who remain anonymous, have been working tirelessly together to overcome this crisis. In that respect, it is important to highlight that organised civil society is a key player in the fight against the pandemic and in recovering from it.

Already on 17 March 2020, the EESC and its members called for greater solidarity and joint action at the European level to deal effectively with the consequences of the pandemic. Then, on 11 June, we presented our vision for restructuring; we stated that we must restructure and improve our societies now and provided our vision of a society and economy that leave no one behind.

All the stories gathered on this page illustrate the actions taken by our members to mitigate the effects of the crisis. These stories, often told in a very personal way, shine a light on the ways our members are dealing with COVID-19, thanks to the strength of the organisations they represent. They are also a reflection of the strength of the EESC on the ground. Civil society has not stopped during the pandemic!

This year we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration. We need strong support from the European Union and, above all, commitment to tell the people of Europe that the EU is more than just an acronym – it is an exciting project.

In this period of COVID-19, which will forever leave a mark on our society, we must above all be capable of understanding that another Europe, a stronger and better Europe, is possible. #StrongerTogether

Solidarity messages from Group Presidents

Stefano MALLIA
Former acting President of the Employers’ Group

Oliver RÖPKE
President of the Workers’ Group

President of the Diversity Europe Group