Democracy at work

In order to prepare an exploratory opinion requested by the upcoming Spanish presidency, the EESC is organising a hybrid public hearing on "Democracy at work", on 3 February 2023 from 10:00 to 13:00.

The hearing will deal with issues such as the regulatory changes for workers' participation required to adapt to new working and production environments, the representative basis, roles and capacity of European Works Councils, strengthening collective action, the impact of new supervision, organisation and decision-making technology on democratic values, including political participation and fundamental rights at work, and  the contribution of the participation of workers in management and decision-making in companies to a just green transition.

Including perspectives from relevant institutional stakeholders, social partners and experts, the hearing will explore the challenges for the democratisation of work, including those posed by digitalisation, and look at recent experiences and best practices. The input will feed into the EESC's opinion.

Your participation and input are most welcome!