Permanent Group on Energy

The Permanent Group on Energy is aimed to link the EESC's agenda on energy issues to the broader context of the EU energy policies and to advocate for a strong role for civil society, to ensure a successful energy transition.

Public participation in policy making and implementation increases ownership, improves the process and helps meet the EU's energy policy objectives. To promote such a dialogue, the members of the Permanent Group organise hearings and conferences and participate actively in events from outside organisations. The EESC welcomed the European Commission's Energy Union framework and engaged with it through sector-specific and cross-cutting opinions, events and public hearings.

The Permanent Group on Energy has been instrumental in preparing and debating own-initiative projects in the field of energy and in establishing networks with energy experts and policymakers in Brussels and beyond. It has also made a major contribution to the recognition of the European Economic and Social Committee as a strong voice for citizen-centred energy systems.