The EU-ACP Follow-up Committee

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The ACP-EU Follow-Up Committee is composed of EESC members and representatives of ACP economic and social interest groups, the latter nominated by international employers', workers', farmers', consumers' and cooperatives' organisations.

This follow-up committee, which meets on a regular basis, is responsible for organising various activities with ACP economic and social interest groups. It steers the EESC in its fulfilment of the mandate conferred under Protocol 1, Article 4, of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement: "Consultation meetings and meetings of ACP-EU economic and social operators shall be organised by the Economic and Social Committee of the European Union."

The ACP-EU Follow-Up Committee is also responsible for guiding relations and activities at pan-African level (meetings of Africa-EU economic and social interest groups and relations with the African Union's Economic, Social and Cultural Committee).


Programme 2020-2023