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Co-organised by European Economic and Social Committe and the Centre for European Policy Studies

This seminar, co-organised by the EESC and Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), aims at discussing the current state of affairs and next steps on the EU policy agenda in the field of labour migration and mobility policy. It will address the main challenges characterizing migration and mobility for employment purposes. The “attractiveness” of the EU’s labour migration policy will be looked at especially, in its current shape and ways to foster it in the future.

22/05/2013 23/05/2013

The EESC hosted its 490th Plenary Session on 22-23 May 2013 with 2 major thematic debates: "One Single Tariff" and "Getting young people into work. Best practice"

Organised by the EESC and the Fondation de Corse - Umani in the framework of the European Year of Citizens 2013

Violence in society is a reality. While it may be possible to give explanations as to why violence occurs in a given context, we must never succumb to thinking that violence is a means to solve a conflict. The aim of this event is to bring together people from different backgrounds to discuss how the concept of non-violence may help provide a sustainable response.


On Tuesday 27 January, Europeans throughout the World (ETTW) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in cooperation with the EU Latvian presidency will organise a conference on 'Basic European rights to free movement under threat'.


Following the new European Commission proposal of September 2017, the European citizens' initiative has new wind in its sails. It now faces a lot of changes, many of which may greatly simplify administrative and organizational burdens. These changes will soon be discussed in the three-way consultations between the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council.

The ECI DAY 2018 will seize the moment and offer a first-hand insight into the positions of the three legislators, represented respectively by the First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, the European Parliament general rapporteur György Schöpflin and the 2018 Council Presidency ministers / state secretaries from Bulgaria and Austria.

23/01/2013 24/01/2013
Open space event to launch the European Year of Citizens 2013

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is pleased to invite you to embark on a journey to strengthen dialogue and participation within the context of the European Year of the Citizen 2013. On 23 and 24 January, we are holding an Open Space event in Brussels to explore future pathways of active European citizenship.


The ECI Day serves as a meeting place and platform for registered and future ECI organisers to meet and exchange information and experiences, and present their ECI to the media. The ECI campaigners and stakeholders will invite you to their stands outside the conference rooms where they will be presenting their initiatives and activities.

As European as we can get! Bringing economy, solidarity and democracy together

The purpose of Civil Society Day 2013 is to illustrate how European citizenship can best be conceived and achieved if tied in with the economic, social and civic life of the European project and the policies that underpin it.
Beyond the lofty ideals that have been proclaimed for decades, it is actually in people's daily lives that active European citizenship must constantly renew itself and assert its relevance.


The public hearing will explore how sport can strengthen European values such as mutual respect, social integration and equality between men and women. Examples of initiatives, which use sport to bridge differences and foster a sense of community will be presented. The aim of the hearing is to draw lessons from such initiatives and suggest new ways to make sport a vehicle for integration in Europe.