Payments by card, internet and mobile phone

EESC opinion: Payments by card, internet and mobile phone

Key points:

  • The EESC welcomes the Commission initiative to promote a secure, transparent and innovative payments environment throughout the EU.
  • The EESC believes that payment methods that help reduce the shadow economy, are less expensive and more secure and should be promoted. Additional initiatives are needed in the Member States with the clear support of the Commission.
  • The EESC urges the Commission to stabilise the business environment for all operators. In line with SEPA objectives there should not be any differentiation of fees and other requirements both for domestic and cross-border transactions.
  • Access to information on the availability of funds on bank accounts requires careful consideration. The EESC notes that entities seeking access should be regulated and supervised commensurate with their risk profile. The European legal framework should clearly reflect the obligations and responsibilities of the operators involved.
  • The EESC calls on the operators of such systems to work on interoperability issues in an open and transparent manner and address missing issues in e-commerce as soon as possible. The EESC calls on the Commission to ensure that m-payments from the early phase of their development will respect the principles of open access to platforms, portability of applications, security as well as avoidance of duplicate costs for operators wishing to accept these payments.

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