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Adottati on 11/12/2002
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Dec 10, 2002 Dec 11, 2002

Human tissue and cell processing


Healthcare must be people-centred and valued as a social investment, not a 'cost', concluded a conference organised by the Civil Society Organisations' Group of the EESC at the House of Europe in Stockholm on 25 May 2023. For this to happen it is necessary to change mindsets socially, economically and politically.


Le persistenti disuguaglianze sanitarie sono un fattore molto importante all'origine del tasso di mortalità due volte più elevato che si registra per le persone con disabilità, le quali in media muoiono tra 10 e 20 anni prima delle persone senza disabilità. Tra i principali ostacoli che causano queste disuguaglianze figurano i costi esorbitanti delle cure, i trasporti e le strutture sanitarie inaccessibili e la stigmatizzazione, ma anche un personale sanitario che manca di un'adeguata formazione sulla disabilità.


The technical limit value for asbestos exposure should ultimately be set at a lower level than the Commission is currently proposing in a recent Directive regulating the protection of workers from dangers of occupational asbestos exposure, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) said in an opinion adopted at its plenary session in December.


Europe's care sector will be barely capable of responding to the growing care demands of its ageing population. It is in dire need of major investments and a shift in policy-making, which should ensure that care workers are properly paid, have regulated working hours and receive adequate support. To achieve this, EU action will not be enough, and political will at national level will be crucial, an EESC hearing said.