Report on Competition Policy 2016

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EGSZB-vélemény: Report on Competition Policy 2016

Key points


  • supports the Report on Competition Policy for 2016 on the whole, but believes that EU competition policy requires better definition and that it is often out of step with other EU policies that influence it;
  • believes that the following issues should be subject to continual monitoring: the business practices of large retail groups which destroy smaller companies – as a result of aggressive negotiations – and limit consumer choices; unclear pricing formulas, for example in relation to energy and fuel prices, which affect businesses and consumers; and dumping practices which continue – particularly in the transport and distribution sector;
  • calls on the Commission to establish genuinely effective corrective measures in the area of mergers and concentrations and to closely monitor the activities of large groups, safeguarding compliance with the rules as well as consumer and SMEs' interests.

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