New European Bauhaus

EESC opinion: New European Bauhaus

Key points

  • The EESC welcomes the adoption by the European Commission of the communication introducing the concept of a New European Bauhaus (NEB) with the aim of creating beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive places and ways of living that are accessible and affordable for all, in particular in response to the climate crisis.
  • The Committee supports the proposal to link existing EU initiatives to a series of new actions and funding for the NEB, in order to test the policies and tools for "building a better everyday life" as close as possible to local areas, European citizens and their homes.
  • The EESC intends to get actively involved in the participatory approach promoted by the Commission and in the implementation of a New European Bauhaus movement, in order to maintain dialogue with citizens and civil society, so as to provide solutions for their daily problems and improve their quality of life. It considers, above all, that the concept of a New European Bauhaus should help to bring the EU closer to citizens and local urban and rural areas through appropriate communication, local initiatives and actions to be implemented, and through experiments in daily living and work places.