Sécurité alimentaire

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The agro-food supply chain connects important and diverse sectors of the European economy that are essential for economic, social and environmental welfare as well as for the health of European citizens. Over recent years, there has been a shift in bargaining power in the supply chain, mostly to the advantage of the retail sector and to the detriment of primary producers. The position of the most vulnerable actors, such as farmers, should therefore be addressed, in particular by ensuring that prices that allow the farmer to make a fair profit are paid throughout the agro-food supply chain and by putting an end to unfair trading practices.

Press Summary

In the opinion, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

  • welcomes the communication from the European Commission regarding the fertiliser crisis and its impact on European farmers (higher costs), consumers (food price inflation) and industry workers;
  • calls for both short-term and longer-term measures to limit the EU's dependence on imported mineral fertilisers, reduce the environmental impact of crop fertilisation and improve the functioning of the EU fertiliser market;
  • welcomes the establishment of a new fertiliser market observatory in 2023 to ensure transparency in the EU fertiliser market;


Thematic paper
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Le CESE est intimement convaincus que pour garantir la sécurité alimentaire, il ne suffit pas de produire davantage de nourriture. D'autres objectifs doivent également être poursuivis: assurer un approvisionnement en denrées alimentaires variées, nutritives et de qualité, soutenir les petits exploitants agricoles, préserver les sols et les ressources en eau et réduire le gaspillage alimentaire.

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Staffan Nilsson

Food security concerns us all, because it is about the earth's resources, which we all share and use, and because food is vital for life. That’s why we need to ensure that everybody in the world has enough food to eat or the resources and means to grow their own food.
Today, 16 October, is World Food Day. For us in the wealthy Europe it is a day to reflect and to consider what we can do to contribute to a change.