Aviation - EESC urges Commission to adopt a comprehensive recovery plan

The EESC calls on the European Commission to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the recovery of European aviation as a whole, with specific resources to support all sub-sectors and their workforces.

In the opinion put together by Thomas Kropp and adopted at the September plenary session, the Committee argues that an ambitious, coordinated policy response is needed, making a clear distinction between an initial recovery phase, in the short term, and the need to secure the international competitiveness of the sector and a level playing field in the medium to long terms.

Speaking from the sidelines of the plenary session, Mr Kropp commented: "Although aviation has faced crises before, this one is unprecedented. According to updated estimates, the sector will not fully recover before 2024. The EU and other international bodies have yet to coordinate regulatory measures to establish international standards. Aviation is not only about airlines: it is also about other important players, such as airports, air navigation service providers, ground handlers and other service providers, which all need to be considered in the search for solutions."

Generally speaking, the Commission must look for a proper balance between the recovery measures and the financial requirements arising from the European Green Deal, avoiding imposing additional regulatory burdens, particularly in the recovery phase, as the entire sector is extremely fragile financially.(mp)