Permanent Group on Transport

The Permanent Group (TSG) on Transport acts as an internal think tank to the TEN Section on transport issues, in particular as a body to anticipate new challenges, and develop and review new ideas and concepts. This means, the TSG-T seeks to reflect on perspectives and ideas, as well as on the overall role the EESC – as a representative of Europe’s civil society – can have in shaping Europe's transport future.

The TSG-T has been working on the following topics:

Participatory dialogue on TEN-T policy

The TSG-T strives to establish a dialogue between authorities, stakeholders and civil society on the TEN-T core network corridors. The concept was initiated by the Malmö conference "Shaping the Future of Core Network corridors" and reaffirmed by the Milan conference "Improved dialogue for smart and sustainable transport".

The "Talking transport" on-line platform was launched to support this two-way participatory dialogue.

Sustainable transport

The COP21 Paris Agreement commits all signatories to speeding up the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction depends largely on transport, the second largest GHG-emitting sector. With this in mind, the TSG looked into "The impact of the conclusions of COP21 on European transport policy" (TEN/582), followed by the opinion "Decarbonisation of transport(TEN/609).

Mobility package

The TSG-T has been an important partner for the rapporteurs of the Mobility package and closely monitors the European Commission's 2017 "mobility package" themes, such as market access measures, enforcement of social legislation and road charging.


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