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Adopted on 04/07/2016

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) warns against granting China market economy status (MES) and  calls on the European institutions to promote fair international competition and actively defend European jobs and European values with efficient trade defence instruments (TDIs). In its opinion, adopted at its 514th plenary session on 14th July, the EESC points to the disastrous impact a possible granting of MES to China would have on Europe's industry and consequently on Europe's labour market. The EESC insists on China's fulfilment of the five EU criteria for achieving the MES.

The impact on key industrial sectors (and on jobs and growth) of the possible granting of market economy treatment to China (for the purpose of trade defence instruments)

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The EU-China Round Table's 14th meeting was hosted by the EESC in Brussels on 18-19 May 2016. The Round Table was set up in 2007 following a Decision taken by the 9th EU-China Summit, which acknowledged that the exchanges and cooperation between the EESC and its Chinese counterpart, the China Economic and Social Council (CESC), formed an integral part of the EU-China relationship. Topics on the agenda included ...

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Europe's steel industry is the basis for many industrial sectors and the lifeline for economic and social welfare in many regions in Europe. In addition to the economic crisis hitting the steel industry hard, the flood of unfairly traded steel imports has driven down steel prices and decimated the European steel industry. "Enough is enough. We have to save our steel. We have to show our ...

18/07/2010 20/07/2010

The 7th Meeting of the China-EU Round Table will take place on 19-20 July 2010 in Chongqing (China). The agenda will include a discussion on the rights of the child and on the issue of water and sustainable development. A debate on migration is also to take place with the local authorities from Chongqing, the region where the Three Gorges dam was built and consequently more than 1 million people displaced.

18/11/2013 19/11/2013

The representatives of the European Economic and Social Committee and the Chinese Economic and Social Council elaborate reports and exchange ideas in view to give a civil society contribution for the development of EU-China relationship. The topics set up for discussion that year were human rights and EU-China relations. The aim of the debate was to find common ground and exchange ideas and best practices.