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From a common agricultural policy to a common food policy

After the horse meat scandal, mad cow disease, swine flu and E.Coli cases in cucumbers, the question remains: is food safety chimera or reality in Europe? On 21 June 2013, Vilnius brought together decision makers, experts, consumers and representatives from the food and agriculture sector to analyse the state of food-related issues and propose solutions to current problems.

Organised by the EESC and the Fondation de Corse - Umani in the framework of the European Year of Citizens 2013

Violence in society is a reality. While it may be possible to give explanations as to why violence occurs in a given context, we must never succumb to thinking that violence is a means to solve a conflict. The aim of this event is to bring together people from different backgrounds to discuss how the concept of non-violence may help provide a sustainable response.


The EU-Iceland Joint Consultative Committee meets for the 3rd time in Reykjavik to discuss the latest developments related to Iceland accession negotiations, to compare the Arctic policies of the EU and of Iceland and to exchange information on some aspects of the fisheries. The meeting has been co-chaired by Mr Filip Hamro- Drotz (EESC) and Mr Bjarni Mar Gylfasson (Confederation of Icelandic Industries).


The aim of the hearing is to bring together experts, civil society representatives and decision-makers from national and European institutions, think tanks and volunteering organisations, who will present their views on the availability and need for such statistical data. Based on the findings of the hearing, the EESC will draw up an own-initiative opinion on the same topic, to be presented later in the course of 2013.


This meeting of the Labour Market Observatory, which marked the beginning of a new term of office, was mainly dedicated to discussing the observatory's working methods for the 2013-2015 mandate, as well as its 2013-2014 work programme.

The meeting was also an occasion to listen to various external speakers from the European Commission and Eurofound who presented the state of play and the challenges facing European labour markets.


The "Consumers and Environment Category" and the "Farmers" Category’ held a joint meeting on Wednesday 5 June 2013, to which a number of guest speakers and representatives of farmers’ and consumer organisations were invited to speak, under the title “Reinforce the transparency of the food chain to restore confidence".

04/06/2013 05/06/2013
'The integration of young migrants in the European society'

The European Integration Forum – the dialogue platform on integration of immigrants – met for the ninth time on 4-5 June 2013 in the EESC premises. The theme of this meeting was: 'The integration of young migrants in the European society'.


Improving accessibility is a crucial policy because it improves the capacity of citizens with disabilities to fully enjoy their rights as citizens. As such, accessibility should be regarded as a human right on its own. The hearing will convey a broad perspective on the topic covering not only physical but also electronic accessibility.