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Comité de suivi

09/07/2014 - Des partenariats de recherche entre l’UE, le secteur privé et les États membres ont présenté aujourd’hui leur premier appel à projets et à partenaires dans le cadre d’Horizon 2020, programme pour la recherche et l’innovation de l'UE doté d'un budget de € 80 milliards.

03/07/2013 05/07/2013

The Cotonou Agreement gives mandate to the EESC to keep a dialogue with ACP economic and social interest groups. Within this framework, the EESC organises a seminar in a different ACP region every year in order to better tackle the specificities of that region and its relations with the EU. To date, twelve regional seminars have been organised. The next regional seminar has been held in Western Africa.

Extraordinary meeting of the Workers' Group

On 1 July 2013, the Workers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee organised an extraordinary meeting in Vilnius at the invitation of the three Lithuanian trade union confederations. The meeting took place at the Lithuanian Parliament.


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is organising together with Eurocloud Polska this third edition of a 'Digital Agenda going local' conference following successful similar events in Ireland (2011) and Latvia (2012). The topic this time will be the EU Cloud Computing Strategy and its practical implementation in the Member States, with a particular regard for the situation in Poland.


On Wednesday 26 June, 2013, the Various Interests Group of the EESC organised a seminar, in collaboration with the European Farmers' organisation COPA COGECA, on the theme: "Seeing European Agriculture differently". Participants discussed economic developments in European agriculture, the CAP, the management and financing of agricultural markets, and assess a geostrategic analysis of agricultural markets: trends and risks and a comparative evaluation of the main global agricultural policies.

Rethinking International Trade with respect for workers' rights and the environment

Do we think about the people who are producing the goods that we are buying? Do we think of their environmental impact? What is the impact on the European industry?


Although the European Union does not have legislative powers in the field of housing, the housing policies of the Member States, including those on social housing, are involved in a growing number of European strategies and are affected - sometimes negatively - by decisions taken in other policy areas. The conference will discuss recent developments in favour of social housing and concrete proposals made by these organizations.

From a common agricultural policy to a common food policy

After the horse meat scandal, mad cow disease, swine flu and E.Coli cases in cucumbers, the question remains: is food safety chimera or reality in Europe? On 21 June 2013, Vilnius brought together decision makers, experts, consumers and representatives from the food and agriculture sector to analyse the state of food-related issues and propose solutions to current problems.