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On 12 September, the European Economic and Social Committee will be holding a public hearing on European aquaculture, organised in cooperation with the Spanish region of Murcia. The hearing, which will take place in Murcia, is being held in connection with the preparation of an opinion on the sustainable development of aquaculture in Europe and follows the adoption of a Communication on this subject by the European Commission.

Internet potential for growth: employment and entrepreneurship

This conference is part of the EESC's efforts to bring the Europe 2020 flagship initiative on the "Digital Agenda for Europe" to a civil society audience in the Member States. The objective of the event is to focus attention at national level on the Digital Agenda and its importance for economic growth, job creation and social inclusion..


During the meeting, the Commission representatives (DG TRADE) provided information concerning implementation of the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and its trade and sustainable development chapter. On the latter, the Commission provided also information concerning preparations for the meeting with the Korean Government representatives planned for 11 September 2013. The EU DAG discussed also its contributions to discussion with the Korean counterparts at the labour workshop and EU-Korea Civil Society Forum scheduled for 12-13 September 2013 in Seoul. For this purpose, the Group prepared two positions: on labour standards and on green economy and trade.


The Beer Sector has been making a significant social, cultural and economic contribution to Europe for many hundreds of years. Whilst brewing has faced a number of challenges during the global economic crisis of recent years, it has also shown remarkable strength in adversity, demonstrating that the Beer sector can maintain its competitiveness in the Single Market and, given the appropriate policy framework, help to drive economic growth, job creation and recovery.


Civil society needs a forum for public debate on future international climate change policies. The Sustainable Development Observatory of the European Economic and Social Committee organised a public hearing On the Road to a Global Climate Agreement in 2015 on 4 September 2013 in Brussels.


The EESC Hearing on a European Plastic Waste Strategy will look into the life cycle of plastics, from design choices affecting the recyclability of plastic products, extended producer responsibility for plastic waste streams and the role of sustainable consumer behavior, to waste collection systems and the technical challenges to recycling and recovery. The participants will discuss policy options towards zero plastic waste from the perspectives of producers, consumers and public authorities.


Strengthening competitiveness, growth and jobs, and completing the EMU were among the main topics discussed at the European Council of 27-28 June 2013. Appropriate follow-up should now be given both at national and European level. Therefore, the EESC organises a Post-Summit debate with Member States that will focus on an analysis of the main decisions taken at the Summit and their practical implementation for shaping the future of EMU and Europe ahead of the 2014 European elections.

10/07/2013 11/07/2013

491st Plenary session with the participation of M. Landsbergis, EP Member and former Lithuanian President., M. Reuter, CESW President and M. Borg, European Commissioner. With the participation of the new Croatian Members

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Élaborer la législation: Trois institutions interviennent dans le processus législatif: Comission, PE et Conseil.