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CAP – legislative proposals

Gist of the Commission document

  • A single set of objectives will be set at the EU level for the whole CAP, setting out what the policy is intended to achieve for farmers, citizens, climate, etc.
  • An extensive toolbox of measures will be agreed at the EU level, establishing what Member States can do with the money allocated to them; each country is then free to select and further design the specific measures it considers to be the most effective in meeting its own specific needs.
  • A common set of result indicators will also be agreed at the EU level to ensure a level playing field in assessing the effectiveness of the measures used.
  • Each EU Member State will carry out an extensive analysis of its specific needs and then draw up a CAP Strategic Plan setting out how it proposes to target the CAP funding from both pillars to meet these needs, in line with the overall EU objectives, setting out which tools it will use, and establishing its own specific targets.
  • Each CAP Strategic Plan will need prior approval from the European Commission to ensure that it remains consistent with the EU-wide objectives, maintains the common nature of the policy and does not distort the single market or lead to excessive burdens on beneficiaries or administrations.
  • Each year, countries will submit a performance report to the Commission to show progress towards the targets that have been set based on specific result indicators. The Commission will review the reports and consider any appropriate actions, including recommendations for improving performance where necessary.