An EU legal framework on safeguarding and strengthening workers' information, consultation and participation

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The issue of democracy and participation at work is fundamental for the European Social Model and for democracy as a whole. In practice, however, the leverage and influence of workers in the workplace vary greatly between EU Member States, and their influence is usually limited to the national level. As companies become more global, there is a growing imbalance between workers' influence and corporate governance, which is part of a larger imbalance in the EU's social and economic policies.

This study will analyse the state of play in the European Union in terms of workers' participation, consultation and information, and feed into the debate by providing policy recommendations for a common EU framework on this topic. Possible (non-exclusive) topics to be addressed by the study from the perspective of strengthening information, consultation and participation of workers are the following:

  • Economic competitiveness, due diligence and risk assessment
  • Globalisation, global values and global trade regulation
  • Climate change, sustainability and fair transitions
  • Shaping a fair digital transition process in the economy and society
  • Socially inclusive, plural and democratic societies (including democracy at work)

Documents and legislation at EU level will be consulted, together with relevant national legislation, national research projects and corporate initiatives. The methodology will include secondary sources, desk research and expert and stakeholder interviews.


Languages/geographical area

The study will be carried out in English and the final text will need to be edited by a native English speaker.

Indicative calendar (subject to changes)

  1. Launch of the invitation to tender: September-October 2019
  2. Contract award: October-November 2019
  3. The final study is expected: March-April 2020


Send your expression of interest to participate or request for information (before the deadline mentioned below) to the following mail box:


Tuesday, Oktober 1, 2019 - 11:59