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  • The EESC and Consiglio Nazionale dell'Economia e del lavoro (CNEL) joint conference will be dedicated to the "Geopolitics of energy strategies in the Euro-Mediterranean region" and will focus among other on short-term solutions to the current geopolitical situation, with the search for new suppliers and transportation routes to reduce energy dependence on a single provider.

  • Joint meeting REX and ECO Sections

    Macro-regional recovery and resilience initiatives - Joint meeting of REX and ECO Sections.

    The purpose of this meeting is to explore how macro-regional strategies contribute to the recovery and resilience of their regions. The meeting will look at how management authorities of the strategies were actually involved in the preparation of the national recovery plans, which projects have been included, how civil society organisations were part of the process. The afternoon session will be dedicated to the idea of a new macro-regional strategy for the whole Mediterranean region encompassing the countries of the Southern Neighbourhood.

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    The External Relations Section (REX) of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is responsible for dialogue between European civil society organisations and their homologues from the countries with which the European Union has formal relations (e.g. under the form of a Free Trade Agreement). Through this dialogue, made possible by a series of bilateral bodies, and through specialized opinions and information reports, the Committee is able to concretely contribute to EU foreign policy.

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