Europe’s Digital Decade: 2030 Digital Targets

EESC opinion: Europe’s Digital Decade: 2030 Digital Targets


The communication presents a vision, targets and avenues for a successful digital transformation of Europe by 2030. It proposes to agree on a set of digital principles, to rapidly launch important multi-country projects, and to prepare a legislative proposal setting out a robust governance framework, to monitor progress – the Digital Compass.

The Digital Compass translates the EUʼs digital ambitions for 2030 into concrete terms, that evolve around four cardinal points:

1.           Digitally skilled citizens and highly skilled digital professionals
2.           Secure, performant and sustainable digital infrastructures
3.           Digital transformation of businesses
4.           Digitalisation of public services

The Compass sets out a robust joint governance structure with Member States based on a monitoring system with annual reporting in the form of traffic lights. The targets will be enshrined in a Policy Programme to be agreed with the European Parliament and the Council.

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