EESC opinion: Recognition of professional qualifications

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EESC opinion: Recognition of professional qualifications

Key points:

The Committee welcomes the new proposal for consolidating and simplifying the legal framework for mutual recognition of professional qualifications. It is a timely proposal, and far-reaching. A system for recognition of professional qualifications must be based on active support and involvement from the relevant professional associations and the social partners. The proposed new system does not guarantee that. The EESC proposes amendments to the draft directive in order to safeguard this involvement.

It is essential that the consumers and citizens at large can have confidence in the quality of the services offered by migrant as well as national professionals. The draft directive does not sufficiently cover the problems inherent in establishing a good consumer service. The EESC further recommends that the European Commission give attention to the need for policy coherence in the interface between education policy, labour market policy and internal
market policy.

The new system opens the door for European professional associations to propose Europe-wide common platforms for recognition of professional qualifications. The EESC finds it very positive that this opportunity is included in the draft directive. However, the criteria for submitting such proposals should be better elaborated in the directive. The EESC proposes a set of such criteria.