Drone strategy 2.0

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Stellungnahme des Ausschusses: Drone strategy 2.0

Practical information

  • Composition of the Study Group
  • Administrator: Maja RADMAN, Assistant: Dániel MAKAY
  • TEN Section: 6 September 2023
  • EESC plenary: 20-21 September 2023


The Drone strategy 2.0 is developed in light of the European Green Deal, Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy and Digital Strategy. Drone services will integrate or complement existing transportation systems and contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport system by providing an alternative to carbon-intensive modes of transport, while minimising their impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

This Drone Strategy 2.0 is guided by a 2030 vision for the use of drones in numerous services for civilian and defence end-users. It covers ten areas, grouped under two main objectives: i) to build the Union drone service market, and ii) to strengthen the Union’s civil, security and defence industry capabilities and synergies.

The Strategy will reinforce synergies between the civil and defence drone industries, including counter-drone technologies. This will improve the competitiveness of European industry and strengthen Europe's strategic autonomy, allowing Member States to rely on competitive drone technology of European origin.