Digital Markets Act

EESC opinion: Digital Markets Act

Key points


  • welcomes the European Commission's holistic approach in treating all the aspects of the digital ecosystem and will be particularly vigilant with regard to taxation, data governance and working conditions;
  • acknowledges that safeguarding a fair, innovation-friendly business environment remains fundamental and believes that market investigation into non-compliance must be strengthened in terms of both the time lag and penalties;
  • believes that targeting the service rather than the operator is a good solution to the difficulties encountered when trying to supervise such diverse digital players and to addresses the issue of a level playing field;
  • recommends ensuring that all gatekeepers establish a legal representative in the European Union;
  • believes that action at EU level is of the utmost importance to prevent further fragmentation of the internal market;
  • considers that the definitions of "core services", "end users" and "business users" should be much more specific;
  • believes it should be clarified that the practices referred to in Articles 5 and 6 constitute black practices and Article 6 needs to be implemented specifically in the course of the regular dialogue between the Commission and gatekeepers.

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