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The Truth about lies. Youth Challenging Disinformation

"Your Europe, Your Say!" is the EESC's annual event for young people. Schools from all of the 27 EU Member States, the 5 EU candidate countries and a Brussels-based European school are invited to apply to take part and one school from each country is then selected by drawing lots. 

This year, the discussions will focus on disinformation and fake news. The goal of the event will be to raise awareness of the dangers of disinformation and to encourage the participants to become more active in the fight against fake news. 

31/03/2022 01/04/2022

The EESC is organising a virtual conference on "Health challenges in the EU in the pandemic context" on 31 March 2022 (9h30 to 17h30).

The aims of the conference will be to look into possible actions to exit the cross cutting crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, to prevent the next health threat from spiraling out of control, and to build stronger and more resilient health systems for the future.

Your participation and input are most welcome!


The hearing will gather stakeholders to discuss the proposal by the European Commission to extend the list of EU crimes referred to in Article 83(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) to all forms of hate crime and hate speech.

This initiative is part of the EU’s response to extremist ideologies online and more specifically to the proliferation of racist and xenophobic hate speech on the internet.

The hearing will feed in the preparation of the EESC Opinion on the subject.

Breaking down the silos

The Forum aimed to break down the silos and enable inclusive and interactive debates between institutions, academia and civil society, all on an equal footing. The event covered topics relevant to trade and sustainable development (TSD) – from substantive rights through monitoring to enforcement and much more. The ambition was to feed innovative ideas and concrete recommendations to the ongoing reflections on the future of EU TSD policy, in the double context of the review of the 15-point action plan and recent trade and sustainability developments outside the EU.


On 28 March 2022, the EESC's Labour Market Observatory will hold a remote public hearing on youth participation in the EU labour market.

The COVID-19 crisis has aggravated inequalities and the impact on young people is stronger than for other age groups. The youngsters who were in education or training at the time of the pandemic have seen their schooling interrupted and often need to catch up. Among those in employment, many lost their jobs and the recently graduated have not always found employment. In the context of the European Year of Youth, the event will examine, through a discussion with civil society organisations and socio-professional stakeholders, the challenges, opportunities, and current trends concerning youth on the EU labour market.

Speakers due to attend include representatives of the European institutions, Eurofound and the EESC, as well as the social partners and other civil society organisations.


The EU-Serbia Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) held its 13th meeting on 25 March 2022 in Brussels at the EESC. It is a platform established within the institutional framework of the EU‑Serbia Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), enabling representatives of both the EU and the Serbian civil society to monitor the country's accession negotiations, discuss issues of common interest and point out concerns to be tackled on the Serbian path towards the European Union.