Permanent group on immigration and integration (IMI)

The EESC has set up a permanent study group on immigration and integration (IMI), composed of members from various EESC sections covering different policy areas and representing employers, workers and Diversity Europe groups. The goals of this group, which supports the EESC's work on migration and asylum, are:

  • to promote the development of a common European immigration and integration policy based on the principles of fundamental rights and solidarity, with strong involvement of the civil society,
  • to prepare the EESC's contribution to the European Migration Forum (EMF),
  • to give concrete form to the EESC's role as a facilitator between organised civil society and the EU institutions in the area of migration policy and migrant integration.

Since 2009, the permanent study group on immigration and integration has drawn up opinions and organised hearings and conferences on various integration-related topics (e.g. the contribution of migrant entrepreneurs to economy, social innovation for refugee inclusion and civil society support to migrants and refugees). To this end, it has worked with external partners from civil society, academia, and national and EU authorities. IMI members participate actively in the EMF. IMI also organises consultation meetings on the format or topics of upcoming EMF meetings.