Setting out a New Vision for the Future of Europe

By the EESC Employers' Group

Europe’s future is closely linked to the future of its industry: strong ambitions require strong and innovative companies that have the means to meet the needs of the digital and green transitions while boosting EU competitiveness. 

This is why the Employers' Group organised its flagship event in the context of the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) tackling these topics with innovative CEO's, EESC members, representatives of European business associations and with the special participation of Herman Van Rompuy, President Emeritus of the European Council. Based on the speeches by the keynote speakers, the panel debate, comments and questions from the audience, the following conclusions can be drawn:

1. Re-infuse hope and optimism into the European project: As the pandemic continues to evolve, building forward better can only be done successfully if an entrepreneurial mindset is added to the recipe.

2. A more competitive Europe - enhancing prosperity for present and future generations: CoFoE should concentrate all its efforts on delivering tangible results in the post-COVID rebuilding of the economy, ensuring that Europe becomes the most attractive place to start, run and grow a business.

3. Making full use of the current institutional framework: The EU should make full use of the existing institutional framework, as it can achieve many of its objectives without amending the Treaties.

4. Breaking the silos: cross-sectoral partnerships to enable innovation and growth: In a highly volatile world, the networking capacity of working across silos, forming highly agile networks both locally and globally across digital ecosystems represents a key element to enable innovation and growth, promoting a sustainable growth model for Europe.

5. Collaboration between governments and enterprises to succeed in the twin transition: To accelerate the green and digital transitions, various initiatives need to be brought together in one coherent policy.

6. New sustainable business models: Europe’s future is closely linked to the future of its industry and strong ambitions require strong and innovative companies. The future of businesses depends on their ability to adapt and reinvent themselves through new, more sustainable business models.

7. Talent, education and skills fit for the future: The importance of skills and education is a core shared responsibility to innovate across the entire ecosystem - critical for Europe’s competitiveness and for its success in the digital and green transition.

More information on the event and the engagement of the EESC Employers' Group at CoFoE:

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