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Statement of the President of the Employers' Group

On 20 February 2019 the EESC adopted an opinion calling for an EU framework directive on minimum income. The Employers' Group fully shares the view of the EESC that fighting against poverty is a necessity. However, for us the instrument proposed in the opinion is not the correct one. For this reason, the Group tabled a counter-opinion, presenting its views on measures needed to reduce poverty. The counter opinion was supported by almost 40% of the EESC Members.

VAT tax reform

A new VAT system for taxing trade between Member States must tap its full potential and limit any possible negative effects for the single market, says the European Economic and Social Committee in its recently adopted opinion on a proposal presented by the European Commission. Greater collaboration between national authorities and extensive communication by the Commission will be key to its successful implementation. Clarifications are needed on some proposed concepts and criteria and a common system for goods and services must follow as soon as possible.


Der EWSA spricht sich für steuerliche Anreize mit dem Schwerpunkt auf öffentlichen Investitionen aus. Zugleich sollten Strukturreformen Vorrang haben, die die Produktivität steigern und hochwertige Arbeitsplätze entstehen lassen

Der Europäische Wirtschafts- und Sozialausschuss (EWSA) lehnt den Vorschlag der Europäischen Kommission für einen insgesamt weitgehend neutralen haushaltspolitischen Kurs ab und schlägt stattdessen einen moderat positiven fiskalischen Kurs von etwa 0,5 % des BIP vor.


Looking back at the achievements of the Maltese Presidency and in particular at the progress made by the business community – this was the focus of a debate during the last Employers' Group meeting on 20 September, with the participation of the Employers' Group members and the presidents of the three major Maltese employers' organisations.


Growing inequality is a problem which can no longer be ignored. It is causing a divide between different social groups and has contributed to the rise of extreme movements and parties. It is a destabilising factor for both the economy and society and we urgently need to tackle this problem – these are among ....