The Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Telecommunications

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Summary of the initiative

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The Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Telecommunications
Commission consultation (second phase): "The Commission considers it necessary to lay down guidelines, which should be the subject of a Community instrument, formalising the practice of telework without hindering its development".<BR>The intention of the social partners' agreement is to define a general framework for the use of telework in such a way as to meet the needs of employers and workers. The agreement identifies the key areas requiring adaptation or particular attention when people work away from the employer's premises, for instance data protection, privacy, health and safety, organisation of work, training, etc. <BR>Three main objectives of the social partners' agreement: <BR>- improve the quality of telework;<BR>- provide teleworkers with the necessary protection;<BR>- promote voluntary telework.

Description of the Initiative

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Implementation of the European Framework Agreement on Telework