Council Regulation (EEC) No 2077/92 of 30 June 1992 concerning inter-branch organisations and agreements in the tobacco sector

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Summary of the initiative

The Council Regulation No 2077/92 of 30 June 1992 lays down the conditions for the recognition and activity of inter-branch organisations operating in the sector covered by the market organisation for tobacco. The Regulation recognises inter-branch organisations, which: Comprise representatives of the economic activities relating to production of, processing of and trade in tobacco; Have been set up on the initiative of all or some of their constituent organisations or associations; Are pursuing a number of the following activities at regional level, in a number of Community regions or throughout the Community; Taking account, where appropriate, of consumer interests: (a) Contributing to enhanced coordination of the placing on the market of leaf or baled tobacco; (b) Preparing standard contracts compatible with Community rules; (c) Improving market intelligence and transparency; (d) Increasing value added, particularly by means of marketing and research into new uses which do not pose a threat to public health; (e) Re-directing the sector towards products which better meet market and public health requirements; (f) Carrying out research into methods permitting reduced use of plant health products and guaranteeing product quality and soil conservation; (g) Developing methods and instruments for improving product quality at the production and processing stages; (h) Use of certified seed and monitoring of product quality. Inter-branch organisations may request that certain of their agreements or concerted practices will become binding for a limited period on individuals and groups in the economic sector concerned even if they are not members of the trade branches which they represent, in the areas in which the branches operate. As of June 2006, no request was ever made.

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